Saying goodbye

It’s been a big day with an early morning start (aka, at my desk at 5am to finish darn policy!!!) and a late finish (pizza down at the river with my mums group).

I have been lucky enough to have an amazing mum’s group – a group of ten of us who have pretty much stuck together over the past three years! But recently we’ve had to say some goodbyes, the first of which was a few months ago where we said goodbye to the gorgeous Carrie as she packed up her little family and headed back to Canada which is where she’s originally from.

Then today, we said goodbye to our free spirit, Sarah, who is following her hubby back to France.  Unfortunately Sarah couldn’t make her going away party at the last minute but we decided to go ahead with it anyway down at the water play park. And we had a great afternoon.





Farewell ladies, may your next adventure be all you hope it to be! Looking forward to coming to visit soon!

Are you still close with your Mums Group? How is your Friday night looking?


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