It’s all for you

To my gorgeous girls, Billie and Asher, We're done! It has now been a year since I posted my first post on this blog and made the commitment to share something everyday.  365 days worth of sharing!!! It was a struggle at the end, I won't lie.  Not because I didn't want to do it, but with …

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Today is R U OK day.  An initiative designed to start a conversation and check in with your mates to make sure they're ok and that they know, you're there to listen should they need a friendly ear.  I've been supporting this concept for a few years now and am always heartened to hear when this one little question …

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She just gets it

So I did something bold today... I told someone about this blog! Well, in all honesty, it wasn't just 'someone'.  I was always going to tell my friend, Mrs Mone about this blog, I just hadn't planned on telling her this early.  But as things happened, I did and it went down like this... Having not seen …

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