A change is in the air


#NoMascaraThursday or the one where I had an epiphany

So, the day after I made like a hippopotamus and wallowed has come and gone.  Today it was about getting back on the metaphorical horse which saw me ultimately back at my desk and plowing through more work than I'd done in a while (coz you know, shitty headspace and all that).  What has been most surprising …

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An abundance of energy

I want you to think about someone you know who is an extrovert.  How would you describe them? I'm guessing you've probably picked someone who is really outgoing, confident, loud and out there right? Whilst it's true that many (ok, probably most) extroverts are like this, did you know that being an extrovert or an introvert is less …

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

As you may have already noticed, unlike Winston Churchill, I’m not much of a planner nor have I ever been one for setting goals and so far, I've not had any major regrets.  But, whilst there is no question that I subscribe to the just wing it approach to life, I also concede that this year is different. …

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She just gets it

So I did something bold today... I told someone about this blog! Well, in all honesty, it wasn't just 'someone'.  I was always going to tell my friend, Mrs Mone about this blog, I just hadn't planned on telling her this early.  But as things happened, I did and it went down like this... Having not seen …

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A recap of 2014

Today has been a lazy day, mostly because I’ve been toddler free!!! My lovely in-laws came for an overnight visit yesterday and decided to take my eldest daughter Billie back to their place for a couple of days! She loves spending time with her Nan and Pop so there was certainly no resistance from me. …

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Fearless in 2015 

What would you do in life if you weren’t scared? If fear didn’t hold you back? I wouldn’t say that I’ve lived a fearful life. Like anybody, I have been through my fair share of ups and downs. Through phases where thought I was invincible and times where I know I didn’t push myself outside …

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