I call bullshit

On Friday I was filling you in about the apprehension I had in attending a storytelling workshop over the weekend, and then of course I got hit by a nasty bug so I haven't had the chance to digest, reflect and post about how it went.  Well then, you know what today's post is about, right? Despite a …

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So, I finished the day inspired and motivated having heard some thought provoking points of view. And with enthusiasm to write and wax lyrical about all I've learnt today, I returned home to find a sick household and within the hour, I too have crashed. Nasty fast moving bug.Let's hope it's only a 24 hour one. 

A recap of 2014

Today has been a lazy day, mostly because I’ve been toddler free!!! My lovely in-laws came for an overnight visit yesterday and decided to take my eldest daughter Billie back to their place for a couple of days! She loves spending time with her Nan and Pop so there was certainly no resistance from me. …

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Fearless in 2015 

What would you do in life if you weren’t scared? If fear didn’t hold you back? I wouldn’t say that I’ve lived a fearful life. Like anybody, I have been through my fair share of ups and downs. Through phases where thought I was invincible and times where I know I didn’t push myself outside …

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