Jurien Bay sunsets

After a week in Perth, we were itching to get back to some bush camping and gorgeous locations and Sandy Cape at Jurien Bay didn’t disappoint.

IMG_1100 We spent three nights at the Sandy Cape Campground, using it as a base to explore the Pinnacles and chilling out on the beach.

On the way to the campground, we stopped in at the Lobster Shack, something that had been in my spreadsheet, because, well… LOBSTER! So lobster lunch it was, well for me anyway, everyone else had fish and chips!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.29.39 pm.png

We arrived and set up and hit the beach to explore the sand dunes and walk up to the lookout to watch the sunset.

The following day, we headed back towards Cervantes to explore The Pinnacles.  Having seen pictures of the formations, I was expecting a cluster of rocks, not acres and acres of them.

IMG_1091We spent a fun afternoon walking the tracks and poking around the formations, seeing galahs and other birds along the way.

Another afternoon was spent on the beach watching the sun go down!


Our last day was spent in Jurien Bay, fishing off the Jetty with the girls, who loved the experience and caught their first fish!  Whilst it wasn’t hard to catch the little blowfish that filled the waters below the jetty, the girls spent a few hours catching blowfish and enjoying the sunshine!


We had an awesome time in Jurien Bay but it was time to keep moving – Geraldton awaits and our car is booked in for a service.

Have you ever visited The Pinnacles? Do you enjoy fishing, even if they are just blowfish?


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