The day we got to visit our fur-babies

Today’s the day we got to see our fur-babies. Our awesome breeders have been looking after George and Penny, our British Bulldogs. One of our biggest struggles when making the decision to do this trip, was to figure out what to do with our 2 beloved pooches and feline friend Zuki.

Knowing that George and Penny would be well looked after was incredibly important to us as British Bulldogs are susceptible to heat stroke and need to be kept cool over summer. Our backyard used to be locked up like Fort Knox to ensure they couldn’t be accessed easily or escape so that was also a concern that we needed to consider when we were weighing up if leaving them with friends was an option.

In the end, David and Russell welcomed them back to their original home with open arms and there they are living in Bulldog paradise until we return!

We decided to base ourselves in Murray Bridge as there was a great low-cost camp at the show grounds where we could plug into power, an essential requirement given we seemed to be having some issues with our solar not charging. Corey had noticed when we returned from Tassie that the batteries had gone flat, which seemed odd given our van had been parked in an open paddock whilst we were away with no trees or buildings to obstruct the sun from the panels. We’d been monitoring it for a few days and it definitely wasn’t improving so we were waiting on a call from our dealership with a resolution to get it fixed, hopefully in Murraybridge.

In the meantime however, we dropped the van off and headed out to the Adelaide Hills to visit our pups.

The minute we arrived and I called out to George the excitement began. He recognised us instantly which was a huge relief and I spent my time in the yard playing and wrestling with the two of them as Russell made his way back from a paddockful of sheep at the bottom of their property.

The girls were still a little wary of them (they’re quite boisterous and ‘boofy’ dogs so the girls get a bit apprehensive) but they patted them through the fence and played outside while we caught up.

After several hours of play, we hugged our babies farewell and headed back for home, stopping to pick up a pizza for dinner on the way.

What do you do with your pets when you go away on holiday? Are your pets happy to see you when you return?


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