Riverside at Morgan via Adelaide

So our plans to follow the Murray River were thwarted somewhat thanks to our solar issue. We’d anticipated this might be the case hence the reason for the direct trip to Murray Bridge rather than to Tailem Bend as originally planned.

With both the ute and caravan dropped off for a service, we headed to McDonalds to access wifi and let the girls play while we waited. We then got the call to let us know that we were going to have to head back to Adelaide to get our solar issue resolved as the local caravan shop couldn’t find the issue.

So off to Adelaide we went… a few hours later, our solar issue was resolved and we decided not to stick around, but get back onto the Murray somewhere and continue on. In the end, we decided to aim for Morgan and find a campsite somewhere along the river.

Morgan is a tiny town off the main highway but right on a beautiful stretch of the river. We arrived late in the afternoon and found our way to a great little spot out of town on the river.

The next day was spent swimming, fishing and yabbying and just enjoying being back on the Murray.

We headed up into town and let the girls play on a fabulous playground shaped like a paddlesteamer.

IMG_7815.JPGThat second night however was a different story. Friday night it seemed bought out the party campers and all night we heard motor bikes and cars zooming throughout the national park until the wee hours of the morning.

I’d mentioned to Corey that I heard a car particularly close to us around 3 or 4 in the morning and sure enough there were car tyre tracks about 5 meters from our van. We’re not sure if they didn’t know we were there and just came across us in the middle of the night or were just trying to be annoying. The next day, loud music and people dancing on the roof of their cars could be seen from our camp and we decided that whilst we didn’t really mind the music, the driving around dirt tracks in a bush in the pitch black of night was just not on so we decided to pack up and move on.

It was a shame as we were enjoying the riverside camp.

Do party groups bother you when you’re camping? Have you ever left a camp site because of your neighbours?


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