North Coast Vibes

So our plan for the coast was to head to Mullumbimby so that we could explore the area and especially tick off the most Eastern Point of the coast line in Byron Bay. When we arrived at the Leagues Club camping ground that we were planning to stay at, we realised that the Mullum Music Festival was on that weekend and judging by the tents and groups milling about, chances are it would be a big weekend for some. So we abandoned that plan and headed to a caravan park in Brunswick Heads just a few kms away.

Our focus for this area was to explore Byron Bay and do the walk up to the lighthouse and to the most eastern tip of Australia, so this is what we did the very next day!img_4373img_4333 img_4350

We made the decision to continue on a very steep walking track. I’m not sure why because quite obviously, what goes down at some stage has to come up. And mostly likely with a toddler sitting atop the shoulders! It was a great walk nonetheless and Miss A surprised us by climbing 208 stairs on the return trip before needing a piggyback!picmonkey-collage-2

To make it back to the car before our parking expired (because we discovered you can’t park ANYWHERE in Byron without paying for it) we hightailed it back and then drove into town for a coffee and cake. The girls got stuck into a peanut butter and chocolate muffin (which would have never been my pick but it was the only muffin they did – and surprisingly it was delish!).img_4381

Byron Bay is a town filled with a lot of colour and movement. There is a very vibrant atmosphere in Byron which was great to enjoy… in small doses. With schoolies in force, it wasn’t long before we were feeling a bit overcrowded so we headed up to the beach for some lunch and a juice on the beach front.img_4406

Byron is also the perfect spot for people watching. There is no doubt an element of the stereotypical Byron Bay resident – no shoes, tripping on something as evidenced by the dancing in public and stealing of someone’s skateboard to go for a ride. And whilst there were quite a few people walking around with no shoes in the main street, it’s clearly a town filled with creative souls with most businesses demonstrating a quirk to set it apart from the others. From resident dogs in shops to coffee shops every 10 metres along the footpath, Byron Bay was a great experience but we were glad to leave the crowds behind us.

Back at the caravan park, the lure of the sea was too great for Corey to ignore so he rigged up the rods and we headed down to see what we could catch… which was pretty much nothing, but it was good to get the girls out for an evening fish.img_4433

On our last day, we headed to the Macadamia Castle which Corey had always seen in the truck when he was heading North and wanted to check out. It’s a small little attraction but it was perfect for the girls – heaps of things for littler kids to do! Especially the small zoo which was very hands on and interactive.

There were feedings of the baby farmyard animals…img_4446

Playing mini-golf… Miss B was surprisingly good and had the patience for it, unlike Miss A who lost interest quickly and cheated her way to the end! img_4473

We got to meet a gorgeous wombat named Minnie…img_4515

And play at the giant treehouse… Hang ten Miss A!img_4476

Miss B wanted to show us her awesome rock climbing skills. It’s been so great to see the confidence and adventure come out in her!picmonkey-collage2

And that pretty much wrapped up our time on the North Coast!

Have you ever been to Byron Bay? What is your highlight of the North Coast?


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