Time to chill out in the Lockyer Valley

After the constant driving and exploring of the Sunshine Coast, we changed pace and spent nearly a week with friends in the Lockyer Valley. This gave us the chance to slow down and catch up on things like laundry. Corey was able to spend a bit of time fishing with Terry and Zac on Lake Wivenhoe and so we met them out there for lunch and the girls were able to go for a ride in the boat.


And find butterflies, which were very friendly!

A couple of days later, Corey went fishing with Terry in the ocean so I took the girls into Ipswich for the day to burn off some energy. Queens Park proved to be an awesome spot with a fabulous playground and a little Australian Native zoo.

Alas, no fish was forthcoming for dinner but we were able to go for a drive around the Scenic Rim and Lake Moogerah. We also did a couple of walks to check out the Queen Anne Falls (well, Corey and I walked, the girls hitched a ride quite early!).

One of the days I headed into Brisbane to catch up with some friends. A fabulous lunch and massive conversation with Tanya meant I was a tad late for a catch up with Mira, but it was great to see them both!

And with that, our time in the Lockyer Valley was done and it was time to head back to the coast! Where maybe I won’t get woken at 3am by this noisy bloke – he was beautiful, but he won’t be missed!


Freshwater or ocean – which one do you catch more fish in? (Corey really needs the tips!). Have you travels through the Lockyer Valley before?



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