From beach to bush

So after blowing all our data allowance uploading all the pics from Fraser Island, I am waaaay behind in my updates!

After our awesome week and a half in Hervey Bay and on Fraser Island we headed inland to catch up with family at Mundubbera. I spent much of my childhood in Mundubbera after Mum moved and remarried when I was a child. There’s a lot of history and a lot of memories that keep me connected to this place.

We spent a few nights out at our friend Alex & James’ cattle property, nearly 80km from town. The girls loved their time out there. James took them around for rides on the quad bikes to check out the cattle and some new bulls. They were lucky enough to see a few kangaroos and emus too.


We were also able to catch up with a few old family friends too over the few days we were there, some of whom I hadn’t seen since my 21st birthday… which needless to say was some time ago.

On the way out, we made sure we stocked up on some meat from friends, Tim & Robyn at the Mundubbera Butchery. Winner of State and National Sausage King titles they really know their stuff.  Plus, we’d already tried the most amazing lamb burgers that we bought to take out to Alex and James’ place so we packed our freezer to the brim with pork & blueberry as well as beef sausages, steak, pork cutlets and the best ham ever!

Going back to Mundubbera is often emotional for me as it’s the last place Mum lived and where she is buried. It was so awesome to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen in ages even though this trip was an especially emotional one. The last time I’d been back to Mundubbera had been passing through after my dad’s funeral. Miss B was only 5 weeks old so this trip was the first time we’ve introduced both of our girls to her. Cue waterworks…


Do you still the visit places that hold special meaning? Did you know that in addition to cattle, Mundubbera has a significant citrus, stone fruit and grape industry?


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