The things we’ve learnt – Week 1

We’ve been out of range these past few days so I am sitting on top of Stokes lookout watching the sun go down as it’s the only place I can get reception!


Monday marked a week since we left and we’ve been talking about what we’ve learnt in that time… here’s the list of the top 10 things we’ve learnt/discovered/realised in the first week:


  1. Everything takes longer – meals take longer to cook due to the small kitchen, getting organised to go anywhere seems to take longer due to two small children
  2. It takes five minutes for a clean van to look like a bomb has hit it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  3. Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it won’t break down. In the past week we have had the fridge in our van stop working, funny noises in our car (which we think was loose bolts on the manifold), a brake fluid light that keeps coming on (watch this space)
  4. It’s already more expensive than budgeted – fuel has been ok but food has been the killer which probably says more about my budgeting skills or perhaps optimism in how much we’d spend.  That said we did pay $11.50 for two coffees at Peterborough!!!
  5. Neither Corey nor I know how to ‘do nothing’ all day – I’m hoping this will come with time!
  6. ‘Doing nothing’ is exhausting
  7. Four year olds with attitude does both of our heads in. Miss B has just hit a massive defiant stage… but at least you can bribe/threaten/negotiate with her. Miss A however… not so much.
  8. Two girls who are being well behaved are a joy to be around.  Already they’re exploring and getting dirty and we hope there is much more of that!
  9. We are both too dependant on having instant access to Internet which has become apparent since we’ve been in the Flinders Ranges with no access to a signal… Let’s hope that by this time next year we aren’t reaching for the i-devices every five minutes.
  10. I will be drinking more green tea as this moccona stuff is pretty hideous day in and day out.


  1. The girls are hard work
  2. When they’re good they’re easy
  3. Tight spaces require you to adapt
  4. We should have bought a smaller van
  5. We should have bought a 200 series land cruiser
  6. Bush waking is a concept I just don’t understand – why???
  7. We have to be organised for the day – snacks, girls etc
  8. Things still go wrong with new things
  9. So much to see and do and need more research before getting there Hopefully being on rations we’ll lose weight and get healthier.
  10. Haven’t missed soft drink.

Billie and Asher

I asked Billie and Asher what their top 10 was and this is what I got:

  1. Billie: I can ride my bike better
  2. Both: we LOVE playgrounds
  3. Billie: Mum is not an octopus
  4. Billie: Writing in our journal about our days is fun
  5. Asher: Drawing!
  6. Both: Emus rate highly!
  7. Both: We like seeing where we are going on our map
  8. Both: There are lots of kangaroos, wallabies, sheep and emus
  9. Both: Bumpy roads make us laugh
  10. Both: Chicken and Nuggets!

And that’s week 1 done and dusted!

Has travelling ever made you ponder things? How do you cope without telephone reception?


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