It’s here!

So this morning I opened my eyes and woke to this:


Can’t beat that as the view from your bed on a Christmas morning!

My SIL’s parents went to a huge effort to keep the magic alive with the SIL’s dad making a landing strip so Santa would know where we were!


We tracked Santa the night before (via Norad’s Santa Tracker – I love it every year!) so we knew the fat man was coming! And when I awoke, I snuck out early to take pics of the Santa presents under the tree.


Breakfast consisted of Pancakes (yay for SIL’s Thermomix!)


And then after we restocked the tree with the family gifts – seriously, it was a little bit obscene!


With two families combined this Christmas, there were always going to be a lot of presents, but it was a really massive pile under the tree!  And given both families do Kris Kringle for Christmas, I’d hate to see what the pile would look like if everyone bought a give for each other!

But the kids loved it which is the best part of Christmas anyway!




After a lazy morning, we set to preparing lunch and then of course, dinner was left overs.

And all too quickly it was over for another year.  A fabulous day with fabulous people in a fabulous location.


MERRY CHRISTMAS wherever you are!

Did you go away for Christmas or stay at home this year? What was your highlight of the day?


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