She’s walking!

So Miss A has been teasing us for some months now with her attempts at walking.  She has been quite happily walk along holding our hand and even walk half a dozen steps in between us, but hasn’t quite figured out how to stand up and take off.

Or I should say hadn’t, because she figured it out yesterday! I got a very excited phone call from our child care centre and a big demonstration when I arrived to pick her up.  She was so proud of herself and it was definitely cause for celebration!

Just 2 days shy of 18 months, we fully expected Miss A to walk earlier as Miss B was 17 months before she walked and Miss A showed more signs of it earlier.  But kids develop at their own speed, and I certainly wasn’t worried by it, knowing that sooner or later we’d get to this point.

And now that we have, we had to recreate it for daddy the next morning.


My baby is gone! Where does the time go?

Have you been celebrating any milestones in your family recently? Do you remember the moment when your bubba’s began to walk?


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