All good things come to an end

Of course, we couldn’t stay away forever and so we headed home via Hahndorf so that I could catch up for brunch with one of my oldest friends from Queensland who happened to be in the area for a wedding and extended vacay!  We didn’t have long but we packed in a heap of conversation into an hour and a half and before we knew we really needed hit the road in order to get home with some sunlight to allow Nan and Pop to go home too.

The hubby and I have a history of making big life changing decisions in the car and with four hours to kill, we did so again on this trip.  What is said life changing decision?


Well, we made the decision not to go back for baby number three.  We always thought we’d have three children, for no reason other than it being a number that had just being in our minds.  Of course, with decisions such as these it’s important to try and look at it from all angles and for us it because an issue of quality.  Let me explain.

Given our IVF journey, we were very lucky to be blessed with our two gorgeous girls and with no embryo’s left in storage, we would have had to go back for a full cycle which comes with it a pretty hefty price tag.  Another round of maternity leave later and financially we’re not moving forward.  Not that it is all about the finance. We’re both really comfortable about where we are now with two of the most easy going kids you could possibly imaging, and I think there’s a sense of not wanting to tempt fate.  I always imagined that I would have boys whenever I envisaged myself with children so when the thought of stopping at two came to mind a month or so ago, I was worried that I would feel like I was missing out if we didn’t go back and ‘try for a boy’.  But of course, there’s no guarantee there and I then realised that I was actually ok with two and more than ok with two girls, after all, I was one of two girls too (well at least for 13 years before our brother came along) and whilst I’m not particularly close to my sister now as adults, I do sometimes wonder if this is a sign from mum giving me a chance at a do-over…  That sounds a bit weird now doesn’t it…

The hubby was also really ok with having two girls (and he’s so made for being a dad of girls – 6’2″ and built like the proverbial – will scare off any future potential suitors with the opening of the front door!).  And so that’s how we came to our decision of stopping where we are and focussing on making sure that we can create the best possible future that we can for Miss B and Miss A, not just financially but physically, emotionally and mentally. Which means investing in our family and focusing on being proactive.

And whilst there are some twinges of sadness at not having another bubba in this house, I’m excited by our decision too.  And besides, there will be new babies around us, a new niece or nephew next year thanks to my sister and a few friends who have only just started their families… and you never know, maybe another niece or nephew if we’re lucky too… hurry up already and make babies SIL!

But enough talk about endings… *sniff sniff*

Look, Emus!


When did you know that you were done expanding your family? Do you make your big life decisions in the car too?


2 thoughts on “All good things come to an end

  1. Mrs Benno

    I can relate to so much of this! We definitely use road trips to make some big life decisions too. In fact I’m pretty sure both decisions to increase our family were made on road trips & I’m pretty sure the decision to stop at 2 was made there too. Ohhhh and twinges of sadness, yeah I get that too.

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