Taking the time to remember #lestweforget

This sums it up for me today:


Although life is crazy and things seem ridiculously chaotic right now, I took the time to reflect today when the clock hit 11.00am.  I always do on Remembrance Day.  In my opinion, there is always time to stop and acknowledge the fact that unlike some that exist in our world, I actually have the freedom to live a chaotic and crazy life.

Because of the sacrifices of our armed forces, both past and present, I have the luxury to indulge in the drama of this chaotic and crazy life that is of my own making.  And while some days it may feel as though all I do is push shit up a hill, at the end of it all I still have the freedom of choice.  Choice to put up with the chaos and the drama or choice to pick up and move on without fear of life threatening consequence.

So whilst I’m staring down the barrel of some pretty tight timeframes this week and next, and am feeling tired, cranky and somewhat overwhelmed, I’m also very grateful for my life.  For my country, for my family and my friends.  I’m even thankful for my job, despite the shittiest year I’ve had ever in my career.

But most of all, I’m so very thankful for those who fought and died for allowing all that is my life to be possible.

Lest we forget.

Did you stop to reflect this Remembrance Day? What you are thankful for?


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