Rainy day

Today we were supposed to go camping.  Notice how I said supposed to go.

We headed off to swimming lessons first thing, in the rain. We spent the morning getting organised and packing up the camper trailer, in the rain.  We headed over to my sister & brother-in-law’s place for a family lunch, in the rain. And for a day that wasn’t supposed to produce rain, it was doing a pretty good job of it.

So we made the call, late afternoon, to stay home, despite the fact that blue sky was starting to show.  Had Miss A been walking, we probably would have gone but the thought of her trawling through the mud was not appealing.

So it was a Saturday night in for us, watching There’s Something About Mary on TV.  Which gives me a good excuse to include the best bit of the movie!


Happy Saturday!

Are you curled up on the couch this Saturday night? Or are you out there doing something exciting this weekend?


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