And so another week begins

Is anyone else hanging out for the end of this year? I know that I certainly aim.  2015 has been rough and I can’t wait for Christmas to engulf us in it’s cheeriness and herald the end of another year.

But alas, we’re not quite there yet and so another week begins.

And with three months of the year left, I’m working on lifting this funk that I’m in.  Which, if I were inclined to go see a shrink, would probably mean the need to reconcile the events of the past six months, clear away the hurt and sense of injustice that I’m feeling, reinstate my motivation and get myself focussed for 2016.  Easy peasy yeah??

So on that note, I’m going to try writing for a few hours and see how I feel after that!

How has your start to the week shaped up? Are you looking forward to the end of the year too?



4 thoughts on “And so another week begins

  1. I hear you…I’m currently counting down to the end of October at the very least because I finish uni and life might get a little more manageable. But yeah, waiting for the end of the year too when the workload gets a bit lighter and planning for a new year with hopefully a fresh start and outlook can begin.

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    1. So glad I’m not the only one!! And uni is full on at the best of times! What are you studying Sanch? I think I remember your profile saying something about psychology?? Forgive me if that’s not right – I’m lacking caffeine this morning 🙂


      1. Awesome – I’m hoping to start a Cert IV in professional writing and editing next year… Not sure my HECS debt is keen on it after 3 degrees, but it keeps calling my name!


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