Catching up on life

I know that I’m not the only one that resents having to use my weekends to catch up on life. Laundry to be done, floors to be cleaned, toys to be put away, toys to be put away… wait hang on.  Oh yes, toys to be put away!!!

I’m luckier than most in that I work a compressed work week meaning I work my full time hours over four days.  This not only saves me a day on child care costs, but it also provides me with an extra day to spend with the girls and, in theory, catch up on life.

But as I’ve discovered, Friday is a great day for catching up for coffee and playdates, spending time at the park or lounging around watching Ellen, so there are times where little catching up on life is done.  And this past month or so I’ve been working Friday to keep up with all the changes at work, which means I’m back to trying to cram in housework, kids activities, a social life and family time into the weekend. Something which sets the tone for a shitty week to follow.

I must confess though, I do have a cleaner that comes in once a month to give the bathrooms and floors a good going over, because quite frankly, I CBF’d and I think I still bear the residual scares of forced child labour involving the scrubbing of bathtubs.  I can still picture those moments with immense clarity, indicating to me that it’s best I don’t partake in such activity lest it trigger some dormant psychosis.

So on that note, I’d better get on with it! See you on the flipside!


Is anyone else over having to use their precious family time to keep a clean house? Or are you one of those people who can maintain a tidy house throughout the week? (Do such people even exist?)


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