Time for family

This weekend we cleared all the superfluous stuff in our calendar and made time to spend together as a family. 

Nowithstanding a first birthday in the park which gave us a taste of spring to come, we came home and lolled around for the rest of the afternoon. We then headed out to dinner before coming home and putting the girls to bed. 

The hubby then downloaded Fast and the Furious 7 which took nearly two hours to download. But we’ve just finished and now it’s time to hit the sack!

If you haven’t seen Fast and the Furious 7 then I’d recommend it. It’s a pretty good show. Outlandish amd completely unrealistic but I really really enjoyed it. And the end scene paying homage to Paul Walker – gets me every time!  

Have you had a great start to the weekend? Have you seen Fast and the Furious 7?


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