Oh, the outrage!

It never ceases to amuse/concern me how people are so quick to outrage on social media these days.  My Facebook and Twitter feeds this evening have been clogged by the recent atrocity that Miley Cyrus has committed.  And by atrocity I mean Miley just just being Miley in a TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Ok, so atrocity may be too strong a term however you’d never guess it judging by some of the vitriol playing out about this trending topic! Yes, she’s courted controversy yet again.  But she hasn’t killed anyone, people!  She’s simply evoking the reaction that she orchestrated.  That she was expecting!

So, why do people still continue to get so hot and bothered about it, I wonder?

Me personally, I just don’t get why anyone cares any more.  I certainly I don’t, although good luck to her I say.  If I could get away with wearing pasties on my nipples whilst swanning around in a sparkly sequinned cape then you know what, I’d probably give it a crack too!  And in all honesty, in comparison to 80/90s Madonna, Miley is not doing anything that hasn’t been done before, don’t you think?

Yet, it is still a thing.  It’s still creating controversy and enraging the masses.  The thing that worries me most, post this recent public display of Miley-ness, is the passionate and heartfelt nastiness that follows.  Quite frankly there are some seriously unhinged and disturbing people out there.  When you break it down, there’s no question that it’s an extremely calculated move on Miley’s behalf (after all she was promoting the VMAs), but does it really warrant the nastiness and blatant judgment that people are quick to trot out?

Of course it doesn’t.  She is, as far as I’m aware, a real human with feelings too so from that perspective alone, it boggles my mind some of the crap that people write and post in retaliation.  But the thing that really surprises me is who could be bothered.  What compels people to actually expend the energy and draft something, nasty or otherwise, and send it out into the ether? To engage in debate that inevitably ends with someone looking ridiculous. Surely there is better shit people could be doing?? Right?

And more importantly, surely were starting to get exhausted by the extreme judgement and negativity that is just a constant part of our social environment these days?  I know I am!  It makes me just want to switch off.  (Except I do believe I would actually die if someone made me do that – yes, my name is Nardia and I have an i-anything addiction).

I know it’s easy to cast judgement.  It’s easy to have an opinion and everyone, including those people who think they don’t, make judgements about everything, everyday.  But I’m actually grateful for this latest Miley incident because it reinforces for me, the importance of practicing restraint and keeping my own judgements in check.  It’s one thing to think a certain thing, but in my opinion buying into pack mentality does not an attractive quality make.

judging-a-person-does-not-define-who-they-areAre you finding that social media is becoming increasingly built upon judgement and commentary that would never be said to someone’s face? Have you ever considered a technology detox?




3 thoughts on “Oh, the outrage!

  1. I am usually pretty heated on this topic as a 3rd grade teacher. I am exhausted with celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, who are very, very poor role models. Yes, she is a human being with feelings, and the commentary on her is hateful, but with that said, she is in the public eye. Because she is a public figure, she will be judged by all who see her making her horrible decisions. We judge as humans, it is natural. Our judgment of others is how we separate actions we would like to portray ourselves, or actions we condemn. I cannot stand that people like Miley Cyrus are out there, so easily accessible to so many young, impressionable minds. Many parents censor for their children, MANY more don’t. I don’t think the problem lies in how we are treating others we see in social media, but in social media, itself. If people didn’t feel the need to put themselves our there so openly, they wouldn’t be left open and vulnerable for judgment.

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    1. Yep, I get where you’re coming from. Up until recently this is the exact response I would have given in this situation. But I am now starting to believe that we have to bear some of the responsibility too. Miley might be a poor role model and as a mother of two girls, she’s certainly not what I’d want them to aspire to be but surely if we didn’t respond and react the way we do as an offended collective she wouldn’t get the publicity and then wouldn’t have to keep coming out and trying to up the ante in order to elicit a bigger response.
      I agree that we do judge people as a natural state of being, I’m just as guilty as anyone, but having seen comments like “the F&*king C&%t should go hang herself” or “why didn’t her mother abort her to save us all…” as a result of this recent appearance, then to me that’s more than a judgement statement. I’m not saying that I know the answer, and this point of view is merely a thought process that I started yesterday but I’m now not sure I buy into the thought that just because people put themselves out there it’s ok to tear them down with no responsibility taken for our own actions anymore.
      But I do appreciate that you as a teacher would be a lot more exposed to the impacts on small kids than I and I think your opinion is as valid as any. Having an opinion is ok!! I guess the point is here that at least you’ve taken the time to articulate your views in a respectful manner which is a lot more than most do! I’m all for a healthy debate so I appreciate you taking the time to stop by 🙂

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      1. I agree that just because she puts herself out there, that doesn’t mean we have to tear her down. I am also sickened by the disgusting, hateful things people say. No matter how much I don’t agree with someone, I would never suggest they kill themselves, nor would I ever lament on the fact their mother should have aborted them. That’s downright sick, and quite plainly, worse than Miley’s antics.
        I also agree that if we, perhaps, ignored her, or celebs who do nothing positive for our world, they would just retreat back into their hole.

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