11 more sleeps

Tonight I realised that there are only 11 more sleeps until I am heading off to my first writing conference!

I have been wanting to go to this conference for the past three years. But pregnancies and newborns have put the kibosh on those plans ever eventuating.  But not this year.  This year I will be there with bells on.  And I can’t wait.

As a part of the conference, a private Facebook group was set up with the 98 other newbies who have never been to the conference either.  A mix of unpublished and published authors; those of us starting out on our journey and others that are already upon the well-trodden path – yep, I’ve found my tribe.

So I have spent this evening trying on clothes and figuring out what to wear, writing lists and figuring out what needs to be done before I head off next week.  And then, I have four days to learn, to grow, to be surrounded by likeminded people and to be inspired.

And I’m so excited that I can’t wait!



Are you counting down to something exciting? Do you get excited and start to pack and get yourself organised well in advanced too?


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