21 weeks until Christmas

Did that evoke a negative response when you read that? Because a negative response was pretty much my reaction this morning when a friend made mention of this not so welcome fact.

Why why why do we feel compelled to make time go faster than it needs to? I’m a shocker for living in the future.  You know, the space where you’re constantly planning and preparing for what’s coming up.  I’ve always been like that but especially since I’m at home on my own with the girls most of the time but I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort this year to live more in the present.  Whilst some days it’s a struggle, I can assure anyone who is reading this that I do not need to know that Christmas is ‘looming’.

It feels like we’ve only just gotten over Christmas and my SIL has already started planning our Christmas break away at the lake so before we know it, it’ll be upon us before we know it.  And I still have Miss B’s birthday coming up let alone try and wrack my brain for another gift that she, let’s be honest here, really does not need.

So let’s pretend like Christmas is still a long long long long way off and enjoy the rest of this weekend instead, ok?

Have you given any thought to Christmas yet? Are you prone to living in the future or have you worked out how to be present the majority of the time?



7 thoughts on “21 weeks until Christmas

  1. Mrs Benno

    Funnily enough we made plans for Christmas Day last night. Christmas shopping is a whole other story. We’ve got two birthdays to get through first.


    1. I can’t even begin to get my head around Christmas right now… I think this year I’m going to ask for people to give their time to the girls – take them to the park, the movies or the new water play park in summer rather than toys – I’ve just spent 2 hours tidying their play room and lounge!!!!


  2. Hi Nardia – It’s me Cathy, from “askauntycath.com”. I’m moving my website to a WordPress.com blog address for various reasons so I’m refollowing you on my new site. I’m hoping you will “Follow” me back so we can keep being blog buddies. My new blog address is called “Cat in the Cactus”. Oh – and PLEASE don’t mention Christmas!! Haha

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    1. Me too! I’d like to be more organised as I really like to support handmade industries for Christmas present buying and often leaving it too late means it can’t happen re postage etc. But yes, as far as I’m concerned, Christmas ‘season’ isn’t until the 1st of December too!!!


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