Back to reality

Three times I have tried to sit down and write something this evening.  Three times I’ve tended sick and/or cranky children, including stripping the bedding and changing an outfit after a projectile power-spew.  It would appear that after my mini-vacay, reality has come back with a vengeance.

Today had been going along swimmingly, ok, so that’s a bit of an overstatement but it was mosey-ing along at an acceptable level.  I’d attended a few meetings, managed to get a few things done but then after lunch I got the dreaded call from my childcare centre advising me that Miss A had been throwing up several times and that I’d have to come and pick her up.

Normally, this request is met with a bit of frustration as I usually have to reshuffle meetings, gather notes and papers to take home and try and get my head around what I might need from the chemist/supermarket/takeaway food outlet because there is no chance of cooking dinner.

But not today.  Today I was actually ok with walking out the door and concentrating on the sick bubba that I haven’t seen much of lately.  Throwing up at childcare also means that Miss A will be excluded from the centre for 24 hours which means I’ll be on a sick day tomorrow.  And you know what, I’m ok with that too.  Normally I’ll have the laptop out, papers everywhere and the phone going as I try and work from home.  But not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is about dealing with domestic reality.  Perhaps it’ll give me a chance to catch up on life since I’ve been away.  You know, do the mundane things like groceries, laundry and paying bills.

So tomorrow, we’ll aim for a sleep in (but I’m anticipating a night of awakenings every few hours first), some breakfast together before I take Miss B to childcare for a couple of hours.  Miss A and I will come home and I’ll sort out my online grocery order, put some washing in and start giving my money away.

Perhaps I might be able to watch Ellen. I might even be able to attempt a nana nap!  But I won’t be pining away for the tasks left on my desk as I play Susie Homemaker.  And I don’t even feel guilty.

After a rough couple of weeks, I’m thinking that a good dose of domestic reality is actually the thing I need the most.

Do you find it hard to jump back into life after being away? Ever look forward to a day at home just playing house?


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