Tired eyes and sore feet

We woke with tired eyes and sore feet but the aftermath we were expecting after the wedding as not as bad as we were expecting. Several times throughout the drive we realised that it’s not as easy to bounce back as it used to be!

After breakfast and a last goodbye to the bride and groom we headed back to Perth. Mrs Fitz took the first driving stint. We swapped after a coffee stop at Williams and as it bucketed down, I drove whilst Mrs Fitz had a nana nap in the passenger seat.

We arrived in Rockingham and got out of the car sore, stiff and tired. Staying with a work colleague I hadn’t physically seen in nearly 10 years, but still had kept in touch with, Ms F offered to take us to look around Fremantle so we picked up her and her 6 month old baby girl and headed to check out the sights before the sun went down.  

A wander around, dinner at Grill’d with a local beer and back home again, it was a short trip but a great end to a great weekend.

  Our bodies are aching, we’re missing our kidlets and are looking forward to an early nigh. We’ll be up again at 5am to make our way to the airport to try and beat the Monday morning traffic! Wish us luck!

Are you exhausted by the end of a long weekend of travelling? Do you ever feel like you’re old well before your time after a few big days in a row?


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