Starting how I intend to finish

I’m gearing up for a huge month ahead and this week has kicked it off nicely.  After a huge day in training, I’ve just finished writing 1700 words on my new WIP having signed up for 50,000 in 30 days aka 50k30d! I’ve dabbled with Nanowrimo and 50k30d’s in the past and have never been able to manage maintaining the 1666 word count that I need to abide by each day in order to meet the 50,000 word target.  But this month I’m committed to getting some words down on a page.

Yes, I am committing to writing unedited, unstructured, words onto a page! That is my sole aim which is a big step from how I normally write.  Sadly for me, I edit as I write which makes for a very slow writing process but tonight I managed to get 1700 poorly written, riddled-with-typos words down in about an hour and a half.  I’m hoping that I can get manage double that for the rest of this week (hubby is home tonight, which is throwing me off my game – especially when he brings me ice-cream!) as we’ll be away over the weekend and I won’t get the opportunity to do too much then!

I’m a little bit excited and a whole lot of nervous.  I really need to stick this out to prove to myself that I can do it!  Whilst this blog has been awesome for allowing me to express myself and letting the words flow outside of a corporate and business-like context, it’s time to amp it up and put my money where my mouth is and that is to get some creative words down on the page of my book.  After all, there is no point claiming to be a writer if you don’t write, right?

So here I am, just doing it anyway! Juggling work, wrangling two small kids and home life and not making excuses for any of it.  So if my posts seem a little shorter this month, please forgive me and remember that there is a dreams-chasing exercise in progress around here.

Are you working on something special at the moment that you’d like to dedicate more time to? Have you ever participated in Nanowrimo or a 50kin30d before?


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