Pig in mud

Well, we’re home! After our week long camping extravaganza, we’ve returned to face the unpacking, laundry and preparations for the start of a new week (albeit a short one).

We’ve had such a fabulous week, filled with family and friends and two extremes of camping – caravan park v riverside bush camping.  Both are great, both have their pros and cons but regardless of the cons, we loved it all. But Dorothy was on the money when she exclaimed ‘There’s no place like home’!

The highlight of today was definitely having a hot 20min shower to scrub three days of dirt that had embedded itself into my skin and hair and just about every orifice that dirt can go.  Whilst bush camping offers the freedom on no rules when it comes to showering, the fine soft powered grey dust along the river gets into everything!

So after I had a shower, the girls were put into the tub for a top to bottom scrub! And now, with the car unpacked, and the kitchen cleaned, it’s time for me to get an early night.  Hubby is happy because the might Hawks won their first game back for the season (AFL for non Aussie readers) so there’s a nice vibe in the house tonight. And in spite of the tiredness and the dustiness, I’ve returned home happier than a pig in mud!

Here are some final highlights before we return to the mundane.






Do you also come home feeling happy and tired and sad and grateful all at the same time after a break? How did you spend your Easter weekend?



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