Crushin’ on the river

When we moved to where we live six years ago, we knew the river was going to be a big part of our lives. My hubby had grown up on the Murray River and I too had spent holidays and weekends camping on rivers, creeks and beaches. 

Since moving here, I’ve spent a bit of time on the river in a dragon boat but up until this weekend, we hadn’t been bush camping at all! A big part of the reason for buying our camper trailer was to get away more often for camping trips along the river. But sadly nothing, in six years! And now, after a day of sitting on the bank watching the ski boats zoom by, I wonder why we haven’t. Its spectacular! And with a great group of people to share it with, it’s definitely what memories are made of. 

We’ve had cold morning snuggles, stoked fires and prepped our camp oven stew and dumplings, had laughs and had a few drinks. The kids have been in their element and easy to keep occupied (and its a plus that they’re exhausted by the end of the day). We even have a loo with a view:  

And after our four days caravan park camping on the Murray River, and now enjoying the Murray in our own back yard, I think I’ve got a little crush on this fabulous river of ours and  this amazing part of our country all over again!


What’s your favourite thing about camping? Do you prefer to camp at the river, the beach or somewhere else all together? 


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