Silent Sunday – 15 March


3 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 15 March

  1. I love this piece. Your pace, your voice, your realism resonates with me. To step outside our comfort zones is a great place to be, for it is in that space that we rise to the challenge with our creative courage. Thank you for writing this piece. I am new to your work and I look forward to following.


    1. Thank you Simmon! Not just for the comment, but for being there on Saturday… I know it’s made a big difference to me, and I’m sure to many others to hear your views. I love how you know who you are and how sure you are about your writing… It really struck a chord!
      As for “creative courage” – I love that! For someone who isn’t overtly creative, that actually sums it up perfectly! Which is funny, because in most other areas of my life I am extremely extroverted and often supremely confident. It’s a whole new world for me, but I’m looking forward to rising to the challenge… now!!! haha!

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