Are we there yet?

This weekend we are in Melbourne for a family wedding. Knowing that it would be a big ask to get time off today given I’ve only been back a week we sent the girls with the in-laws so that they go during the day and still get a good nights sleep. 

I was hoping to get on the road by 2pm but things at work demanded my attention. Especially as I won’t be there tomorrow and this weekend is a long one due to a public holiday on Monday (not to mention I’ll be out of the office most of Tuesday to attend a funeral). 

Alas, we didn’t leave until 5.40pm!!!!! So that means we will not arrive until after midnight! We’re only an hour in and I’m already asking the hubby… Are we there yet?

So another weekend of typing out my posts on my phone. Mainly because I got to pack my iPad. D’oh! 

In the meantime, please enjoys scenery photos. Such a stark chance in landscape as we drive this straight boring road! 

Have you got plans for  this weekend?  Do you enjoy long road trips?

11.46pm: Update of boring scenery pics because no, we are not there yet!!!


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