Over the overwhelm

       1. bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something
           synonyms: swamp, submerge, engulf, bury, deluge, flood, inundate

That’s me tonight.  There are some things going on at work and although I won’t bother you with the details, suffice to say that I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  Despite thinking that I’d spend the first few weeks getting my teeth sunk into my policy development stuff, it turns out I will have to try and juggle some unexpected operational responsibilities too.  And my mind is boggling with the implications and what the short term future holds.

Couple that with a wedding we are attending this weekend in Melbourne (6 hours away) this long weekend and tonight I’m running around like a mad thing, trying to get everything organised so that the girls can go with their aunt and uncle in the morning (easier on them) whilst the hubby and I will head down after work tomorrow afternoon (too early to get time off – especially with a funeral coming up next week too).

So for now, I’ve taken a deep breath knowing that tomorrow is a new day and come tomorrow I’ll regroup and tackle it all head on.

Do you ever get overwhelmed?  What tactics do you use to regroup and get back on track?


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