Blow out the candles Pop!

Today we headed down to the town where the hubby’s parents live to celebrate Pop’s birthday.

Miss B was super excited which was great as it got us all into the spirit too. Kids just make things more magical, don’t they?

All day she’s been yelling out ‘Happy birthday pop!’ ‘We made you cake Pop! (surprise cake mind you!!!)

It got me to thinking though (and not too much as I’m not typing out an epic post on my iphone!), but it got me thinking about my dad and how my girls have really been ripped off in the maternal grandparent stakes. No grandmother or grandfather on my side at all.

My Pop was amazing and I still miss him a lot so it’s sad that they won’t get to experience more of that. Thankfully the one they do have is amazing too. Miss B adores him and she loves nothing better than when he comes to visit.

But who knows what may happen in the future. Mrs Mone was telling me the other day that her parents are thinking of moving to our town from England. If they come, they’d be leaving behind a little grand daughter exactly the same age as Miss B. Quick as lightning, I had no hesitation in offering up my girls as surrogates. Not only to help fulfil the void for them but to give my girls the opportunity to enjoy another set of grandparental figures in their lives.

So here’s to all the Pops around the world. And to the little girls who love them.

And cake, because, well… CAKE!!!

Do you have fond memories of your grandfather? Or did you perhaps have a surrogate grandparent instead?


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