All the Saturdays to come

Today I had a glimpse into what the future holds now that I have children.

Saturday sport.

As the wife to a truck driving hubby, our weekends are pretty precious so we try to make sure that we spend time together as a family as much as we can.  And one of our most enjoyable family activities, for the past 2 years, has been the Saturday mornings dedicated to Miss B’s swimming lessons.  From the age of six months, Miss B’s lessons has seen us congregating within the minuscule indoor pool with hordes of other parents, all of whom ooh and aah over their children’s progress, much like we do.  Every Saturday of the school term, you’ll find either the hubby or I in the pool participating in the basic water association activities that baby and toddler lessons are made of.  And when our half an hour is up, we get out, get dressed and get on with our weekend.

To date, from the time we get out of bed to the time we finish and leave the pool, this little ritual has taken an hour and a half out of our weekend and it’s a pretty small price to pay for having Miss B learn to swim. So when the time came to enrol Miss A for her lessons, there was no hesitation but we were concerned with how they were going to schedule us in.  The swim school does everything they can to accommodate multiple children attending lessons so parents aren’t hanging around all day so we were hopeful of back to back lessons.  Unfortunately, when the timetable was released, we saw that both girls were slotted into a 9am class!

My mind immediately went to the issue we’d have if the hubby didn’t make it home from work in time for the lesson which happens from time to time!! The hubby wondered how we were going to wrangle a child each (to which I replied that I wrangle two day in and day out!).  As it turns out, having both of the girls in the 9am timeslot is actually a blessing in disguise. The hubby takes Miss B and I take Miss A and we do our lesson, get out, get dressed and get on with our weekend! It’s actually worked really well so far, and the only thing that will throw a spanner in the works is if the hubby doesn’t make it home in time for the class although I have recruited the SIL and have her on standby should I need arise!

After finish the lesson and heading off to Bunnings (hardware store) for some gardening supplies, the hubby and I got to talking and realised that this is just the beginning.  Soon, swimming lessons will be replaced with sports and other interests.  In no time, we’ll be ferrying the girls around to soccer or basketball or dare I even say it… dancing (look, don’t judge me! I never did dancing as a kid so this is completely out of my realm… if they wanted to do it, I’d definitely give it a go, but I am definitely going to be the odd mum out there – god forbid they require me to braid their hair before hand!!!)

And that’s just the actual participation side of things.  Knowing me, I’ll no double end up on a tonne of committees and overload my schedule as I’m prone to do.  But you know what? I’m actually looking forward to it!

Do you participate in the weekend run around with the kids? Do you find yourself sticking your hand up for committees and coaching gigs?


3 thoughts on “All the Saturdays to come

  1. It’s not just weekends, it’s the after school activities that get me!! Monday, after school one has a club, then home for dinner before another hour and a half drumming and dance club! Then Tues, we have him in football and I take her to karate. While she is there I pick him up and take him to his karate! Other clubs on wed and Thursday… Friday’s free so I do house work. then Saturday’s footy again but I let Hubby Dearest deal with that one. I have grocery shopping to do!
    Never ending!!


      1. Oh… Enjoy now! It gets more and more packed!! I’ve forgotten what my social life is, we’re so busy ferrying them around!
        Oh and don’t forget the class mate birthday party circuit to fit in!!! Joy!! But they enjoy it so we don’t mind really! 😊

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