Domestic goddess

I can positively feel the halo glowing above my head as I type this. Because today has been a very productive domestic day.  I was expecting to have a slothful day today after a late night last night, but I awoke all guns blazing and got stuck into a hundred little chores, including some decluttering.  So I’ve pretty much been at it all day and am looking forward to a quiet Friday night.

Here’s my (impressive if I do say so myself) list:

– clean out and declutter walk in closet – check
– take photos of all my shoes so I can print them and stick them to the boxes – check
– scrub out the dogs’ pool and water bowls – check
– stripped all beds and washed linen – check
– fold 3 loads of washing – check
– vacuum and mop the acres of floors
– wash the never ending (and frankly, still going) pile of laundry – 4 loads at present
– prepare the in-laws bedroom for impending arrival – check
– get girls bags ready for childcare next week – check
– scrub both bathrooms and laundry – check
– zip down to Bunnings (hardware store) to purchase new sensor light for front garage and strawberry plants to plant in Miss B’s new garden bed tomorrow after swimming
– played shops, tea parties, animal cards and ‘cleaning’ with the girls

And that sums it up.  Pretty thrilling stuff right? So now it’s time to get some writing done. Shaping up to be a pretty good Friday night.

Do you get pretty chuffed with yourself when you have a productive domestic day? Any plans for your upcoming weekend?



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