My brain has run a marathon

I am knackered.  And I didn’t even get up early (AGAIN!).  But that’s another story.

I’ve actually had a very productive day but I’m now so weary I can barely keep my eyes open.  Today from 9am until about 4.30pm I was writing policy.  This is me and my happy face:


When I left work for maternity leave in May last year, I was a few months from presenting a strategy for my area.  For obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to present the strategy but I was happy that I left it all but ready to go.  And now that the strategy has been adopted, work has to be done on developing the relevant policies and processes.  And me being me, I wanted to make sure that whatever was going to be embedded in policy, was going to be something that I could live with when I returned and so, here we are!

Although I still have just under 4 weeks until I return to work, I’ve actually been enjoying working on this policy.  I have a meeting lined up for Thursday to go over things and I needed to get a few things out of my head and onto paper.  Given all my planning for this week, I allocated all day today to do so.

And now my brain hurts! I forgot how exhausting it is to think things through and then try to piece thoughts together in a logical fashion. And so, after sitting here wondering what to write that isn’t going to require a lot of brain power, I’m going to press Publish, sit back and enjoy the new episode of The Big Bang Theory with a cup of tea and a Tim Tam (SLAM!).

Did you ever do work whilst still on maternity leave? What’s your TV of choice to bum around on the couch to after a tiring day?


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