Here’s to the end of this day


3 weeks to go

Today, as I was swapping the number four out for a three on my lightbox, I felt an unfamiliar twinge.  I'm still trying to process what it was but I think it was a cross between guilt, sadness and maybe a touch of fear.  For a little while, I dismissed it and got back into …

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The gap between intent and action

EEK! What started as an idea to talk about my colourful new blog title header and how it came to be, has now got the potential to become a PhD thesis!  So I'm going to make a concerted effort to rein in my thoughts on this one... if that is at all possible!  I had intended …

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Passionately curious

On Monday, I read an article written by Carly Jacobs who writes over at her blog, Smaggle. And I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it since. You know how I was talking about the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon recently? Well in addition to mindfulness, a lot of things relating to passion have been cropping up …

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A recap of 2014

Today has been a lazy day, mostly because I’ve been toddler free!!! My lovely in-laws came for an overnight visit yesterday and decided to take my eldest daughter Billie back to their place for a couple of days! She loves spending time with her Nan and Pop so there was certainly no resistance from me. …

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Fearless in 2015 

What would you do in life if you weren’t scared? If fear didn’t hold you back? I wouldn’t say that I’ve lived a fearful life. Like anybody, I have been through my fair share of ups and downs. Through phases where thought I was invincible and times where I know I didn’t push myself outside …

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