Day of rest

It's probably a little lazy to make the title of each Friday post TGIF but that's generally how I feel once I get to the end of the week.  TGIF pretty much sums up the sentiment the minute I wake up (not at 5.30am - yippee!).  This Friday was no different and after breakfast, and …

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Planting the seed

You may have heard of the Elf on a Shelf Phenomenon, if not then you should check it out because it is awesome. And yes, I know awesome is a pretty strong word but I can tell you right here and right now that since our little elf Jethro has come to stay bedtime has been a dream! …

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A story of how two little girls came to be

Miss B and Miss A are both little IVF bubbas. As I was writing last night’s post, I realised that I have made mention of our IVF journey a couple of times, but have never given any background. So I thought I’d share our story, partly because I’m very open about our IVF journey and …

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