Stop the rollercoaster

Lacklustre. Dull. Sad. Hurt. Tired. Teary, Hopeful. Bright. Cheery. Lacklustre. If I could draw those words as a circle, I'd do so to highlight the cycle of emotions that I'm experiencing.  Rollercoaster is an apt description.  And that's just in one day.  I'm not sure if this is the dreaded Post-Conference-Downer or not, although I …

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All great things are preceded by chaos

I'm not up for many words today, so I present to you my week in quotes: Monday Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday Friday   And one final word from the wise sage that is Miss B: Has your working week been a massive roller coaster of emotions? Do you find inspiration in quotes that reflect where you …

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It’s time for Marriage Equality Australia

Off the back of an historic referendum result, it was announced this week that gay marriage will be legalised in Ireland.  Yay Ireland! This fabulous result has sparked up the debate again across Australia (finally!) with commentary from all sides of government in the past 24hrs following the Leader of the Opposition's decision to introduce a private members bill …

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