When in Robe…

There wasn’t a lot of time to reflect upon our fabulous Tassie adventure, because no sooner had we docked and reached the mainland, were we off again on the next leg of our trip.  Having left our van out at a friend’s place just out from Geelong, we arrived at their place late and head off in convoy for Robe the next day!

We arrived late in the afternoon and set up camp at the Robe Holiday Park throwing some steaks on the weber and chilling out with a few beers.


The next day was spent exploring and with our 4WD-Master Z at the helm, we made our way from Robe to Beachport via sandy beaches, rocky cliff sides and backtracks.

We stopped on the beach at the little village of Nora Creina for lunch.

Before making our way back onto the track to an open sandy dune area for a play.

The girls were thoroughly exhausted having spent a bumpy day in the car.

On Sunday, Vanessa and Zoran packed up and headed for home, but we will be seeing them in August when we meet up to explore Cape York!!! After they left, we were able to explore Robe for the rest of the day.  A play on the foreshore at the playground, a stroll through the local market and a trip out to the lighthouse saw us fill our afternoon.

IMG_7686We’ve been a fan of Robe and Beachport for many years, and it’s always great to get back to the area and enjoy the dunes and salty sea air.

Our time in Robe also heralded the beginning of new friendships when Kate from @Phillips_Family_Adventures made contact with us to see if we wanted to meet up at a playground in Kingston SE and allow the kids to burn some energy. It was a no brainer so after we hooked up our van, we made our way there and spent a couple of ours sharing experiences of our adventures and letting the kids run riot.

IMG_7702Soon it was time to hit the road again and head towards Goolwa to start our trek from the Mouth of the Murray up to Mildura.

Do you enjoy 4WDing in sand dunes? Have you ever stopped to meet people that you’ve connected with via social media?


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