A month of stats – first month in

Ok, so this is a few days late, but we’ve always found it fascinating when people post up the stats of their trips and so we’ve been keeping a few of our own… Every month we’ll post up the stats of our trip.

29 August – 29 September 2016

Total kms – 5594km

Amount of kms Corey has driven – 5589km

Amount of kms Nardia has driven – 5km


Total nights away – 28

Number of free camps – 5

Number of unpowered sites – 7

Number of powered sites – 16

Most expensive park we’ve stayed – $50p/n for a powered site at Kings Canyon Resort

Favourite camp spot – Willow Springs

Total accommodation costs – $712


Total litres of fuel used – 925.05L

Most expensive fuel – 1.97/L Kings Canyon

Cheapest fuel – 1.15/L Broken Hill

Total fuel costs – $1487.59 – eek! that’s the cost of fast tracking!!


Best lunch – Quorn – Emily’s Bistro (best pies ever!)

Most expensive coffee – $5.75 @ Peterborough (unfortunately not the best coffee ever!)

Highlight so far – Skytrek & Uluru

Lowlight so far – Clutch dramas resulting in 4 unplanned days in Port Augusta

Total cost of groceries – $1046.80

Total cost of beer – $217 (coz you know it needed it’s own category!)

Vehicle costs – $157.90 (Hawker mechanic, brake fluid, coolant)

Caravan costs – $1035 (first service plus $700 for weight distribution set up)

Touristy things – $227.40

Misc spending money – $1240.10 (snacks & lunches, DVD repairs, laundry, park memberships – this is clearly where we need to learn to cull!)

Gas bottle refill – 1 so far – $28.85 at Home Hardware Alice Springs

Number of dump point empties – 3 (glad that’s Corey’s job)

And that’s it! The summary of our first month on the road!  I’ve been tracking expenses with a spreadsheet (never thought I’d see the day but hey, when the bucket of $$ is finite, then these things have to be done!).

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.20.53 am.png

Hopefully we’ll be able to slow down a lot more and spend more time free camping.  We’re staying in Yeppoon for three weeks so that should save us heaps in accommodation as we have some free accommodation options there.  As for the rest well we expected the first month to give us an idea and when we average out what we’ve spent compared to our budget, we’re actually not that far off the mark!

Do you track how much you spend when you’re travelling or on holidays? Are you like us and way under-estimate the ‘misc spending’ that occurs?


4 thoughts on “A month of stats – first month in

  1. I did the maths’s, Nards! $5437 for the month…. but what about accommodation costs?
    And $40 is cheap compared to what you’ll end up paying in NT & WA! I think we paid around $70 for a powered site in Exmouth… and we had to stay there longer than anticipated while we waited for a spot in the Cape Range National Park.
    So jealous but it’s wonderful to watch your journey unfold.


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