The Uluru that wasn’t…

We’d done a fair bit of research in preparation for this trip. And in particular we’d sussed out what there was to see at Uluru. But in all my reading and research, not once did I come across this little surprise:14388985_10155247838716808_1428038831_n

See it in the distance?? We saw the rock peaking over the horizon and got excited to see the first glimpse. The phone and camera came out to capture that first moment. The kids continued to watch Dinosaur Train…. Ok, so maybe the excitement was just mine.

Anyway, we edged closer and closer to the rock and both Corey and I remarked how we didn’t remember it looking so steep.14355892_10155247838586808_346082153_n

We came upon a lookout filled with buses and tourists everywhere so Corey offered to pull over so I could grab a clearer shot…14397188_10155247838556808_2009126196_n

When I got back to the car the conversation went something like this:

Me: I didn’t realise it was so tall and flat.

Corey: Me either.

Me: It must get photographed from the other side, perhaps the road loops around it because it doesn’t look familiar at all.

Corey: the GPS says we’re still 100km away, that definitely doesn’t seem that far.

Me: I don’t recall it having a ‘skirt’ around it. It kind of looks like it’s been mined up three quarters of the way up.

Corey: I don’t reckon that’s it. It’s not Ayers Rock.

Me: What do you mean you you don’t think it’s it. It’s a big bloody rock in the middle of no-where, what else could it be?

Corey: Grab the 4WD map book and see what it says.

Me: Ok *flicks through book* Ummm… It says Mount Connor.

Corey: I knew it didn’t look right.

Me: I wonder if the bus driver of all those tourists waits for them all to get back in after taking 100 pictures before he tells them it’s not Uluru!

Both: laugh hysterically

Dumbasses! Well, we did get the first glimpse of the real Uluru which looked much more familiar!14397441_10155247838776808_1714070017_n

We have arrived!14389946_10155247838831808_1168502099_n

It’s been a long couple of days as we expressed it from Port Augusta, doing two big 650km+ days to make up for the time that we lost getting a new clutch. Yes, that was the diagnosis after having to return to Port Augusta from the Flinders Ranges.  We headed back and then had to wait until Monday morning to lob up on Holden’s doorstep.

We ended up getting a brand new clutch plus they did the factory recall that should have been done by our dealer when it was serviced three weeks ago but wasn’t (seems to be a trend happening there) and it was really great to get some excellent service – both Broken Hill and Port Augusta Holden dealerships run rings around our local guys. #justsayin

Our time spent in PA was filled with rain and thunderstorms but we had a little poke around.  The Australian Arid Botanial Gardens was a pleasant surprise with some awesome sculptures and we went back again after we were rained out the first time around.

And then we were finally on the road.

We bypassed Coober Pedy.14356026_10155247872016808_1264505332_n

And free camped about 90km out in the middle of nowhere last night.14389917_10155247872056808_1480655946_n

Across the border today!14348941_10155247872071808_961396362_n

Both the girls have been awesome with the couple of long days.  But poor Miss A struggles with the straight back seat of the Colorado and I spend much of my time twisting in my seat to try and configure something that will support her head.  I may have to resort to velcroing her head to the seat!14388931_10155247872131808_881966034_n

We were lucky enough to get TV reception to watch the Hawks v Bulldogs game but sadly, as I write this, the Hawks didn’t get through to the finals… the reign is over.

Hopefully Corey will recover from his doldrums before we start another day of exploring tomorrow.  Apparently there will be thunderstorms starting tomorrow but hopefully we can have a look around here before heading to Kings Canyon for a night… and then it’s off to Alice Springs!

So I’ll leave you with this gorgeous shot of the full moon over one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.14371834_10155247891031808_1559564418_n-2

Have you ever been to Uluru? Any tips on how to stop a toddlers head from flopping all over the place when they are sleeping in the car?




2 thoughts on “The Uluru that wasn’t…

  1. I think a lot of people mistake Mount Conner for Uluru and I seem to recall that I thought that on my first visit to Central Australia on a Year 10 school trip. I really believe that Uluru is the beating heart of Australia, there is something very magical about it. I love it and look forward to taking my boys there when we move to Australia.


    1. Completely agree Camille!! I got a real sense of understanding about our indigenous history that I’d never had before. It was really quite overwhelming and in some aspects sad. It’d be awesome to share this with your boys. They will find it awe-inspiring!!


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