Tears, goodbyes & sangas for dinner

Well, we made it to Broken Hill! Yes there were tears, and some very sad goodbyes, but after a later than desired start, we arrived at the BH Racecourse around 6pm to claim our $15 per night unpowered site… mainly because that was all that was left.  A very popular stopover, with very cheap prices, this place is just crawling with caravans and camper trailers!

Our quick & easy 5 minute set up made getting dinner for the girls a breeze.  Especially when dinner consists of this:


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to actually keep some meat out for dinner, so cheese sandwiches for dinner it was – Billie doesn’t like tomato (got it kiddo after the 10th time!).

The girls are now tucked up in bed, so we’re sussing out the options for tomorrow (and burning through our data too as it turns out!) but it will not be long before I join them for an early night too!  It hasn’t really sunk in yet and I’m sure it will start to feel real soon, and in spite of the sad farewells and tears, it’s good to get the first day done and out of the way!


Have you been to Broken Hill? What are the must-sees and highlights?


5 thoughts on “Tears, goodbyes & sangas for dinner

  1. Debbie O'Shea

    Have fun guys if you are coming to Tassie let me know we are in Sorell 20 minutes South of Hobart beautiful part of the world. RV Park just down the road.


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