Time to go home

And before we knew it, it was time to go home.  We had an awesome day the day before, getting out on the paddle boards and spending the afternoon out at the Woolshed Brewery with Mrs & Mr Mone who had come out for a camping adventure on Boxing Day (FYI – Mrs Mone DOES NOT CAMP, except for us, and then she’ll make the exception! Because she loves us and love conquers all, right Mrs Mone???).

The highlights from Sunday include:

Mr Mone having a go on the paddle board and nailing it!


The hubby on the other hand, not so much!


A spectacular view from the top of the Woolshed Brewery as Mrs Mone and Miss B went for a wander and waved from the riverbank.


And then this happened:


Miss A, in her still-learning-to-walk, wobbly phase, came a cropper! She face planted into a little deck outside the in-laws cabin and landed on her cheek!  She was upset, of course, and needed some cuddles last night.  Her eye is still swelling and is starting to bruise now. It’s going to be a ripper of a shiner for sure… poor bubba.

And so today, after Mrs & Mr Mone rolled up their swags and headed home to catch up with some friends, we began the pack up. The worst part of camping is undoubtedly the packing up and if you camp anything like us, you have stuff strewn from one end of your campsite to the other which has to be sorted before you can even begin.


But we made it home and chilled out on the couch with ham and cheese toasties.


Are the holiday festivities still continuing in your part of the world? Did you go away for the holidays?


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