Playing catch up

Going away for a few days always has a downside and usually it means a ridiculous amount of emails, messages and a tonne of work to get through when you get back to your desk.  First day back and today has been one of those days where getting stuff done has been the name of the game and not much else has been a priority.  In fact, my total food consumption has consisted of 3 coffees and a pack of dry crackers at 3pm.

Next week is going to be huge with some deadlines looming and a ridiculous pile of work to get through.  But first, I need to get through the next few days – with our staff recognition evening tomorrow night, then a full on weekend filled with a hair cut, fundraising BBQ and family 30th Wedding Anniversary dinner for my hubby’s Aunt and Uncle.

But for now, it’s time for shower and a bed and another full day at work tomorrow (on my day off I should add!).

Do you find the first day back after Annual Leave exhausting too? Any suggestions for quick and easy lunch ideas so I don’t have to resort to crackers again tomorrow?


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