Memories are made from days like these

Remember those trips as a kid where you were camping or fishing or running around with friends and how snippets of those times come back to you now and again as  moments of nostalgia many years later in adulthood? That’s what we created today. 

A day spent on the water in the ski boat (thanks Benno fam) where adults and kids alike made the most of the break in the weather! Even I was dragged out on inflatable death trap, I mean tube however I was smart enough to use Miss B as leverage! Can’t fling me off of I’m on there with a child right???

Most of our day was spent on the lake where the kids ran themselves ragged and the adults tried to keep up with the kids. And whilst we adults were definitely getting a bit testy by the time early evening rocks around (as day-naps were missed and the kidlets grew more tired and feral with each passing hour), we know that in years to come, our families will have these awesome memories of this fabulous little annual trip tradition we have created.    

 And yes, that’s my hubby in the middle before he was flung off!!! #stillfunny

Do you go away on an annual trip with good friends? Where is your favourite place to get away for a break?


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