A day of little achievement

Woke at 5.45am (thanks Miss A)

Out of bed at 6.15am

First coffee downed pretty quickly

Swimming at 9am

Visited friend in hospital to meet her new bubba

Came home and put Miss A down for a nap

Second coffee

Cleaned kitchen aka pushed shit around a million times but never seemed to find a place for it

Ate lunch

Put a cranky and feral Miss B down for a nap

Argued with Miss B for 20 mins trying to get her down for a nap

Went for my own nap

Got woken by hubby

Watched end of Gold Coast V8 Supercar race

Ate cheese and crackers

Cooked dinner

Watched Crocodile Dundee while Miss B brushed my hair

Put Miss B to bed, two hours past her bedtime, relatively easily

Ate ice-cream

Am now slothing on the couch watching X-Men

Didn’t achieve much but it was just perfect!

What did you get up to today? Have you been productive?


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