New digs

With the great number of workplace changes that have been par for the course of late, one of the more positive ones has been the relocation to a new office.  Our organisation is split across multiple locations and thankfully, I have been fortunate to stay in the same building in the five years I have been here (although I have relocated to four different places during this time).

With three new units coming together, two of my new colleagues and myself were relocated to a space that would allow us to function as one team.  My two colleagues have come from another building where they were situated in a big open plan area with no natural light or big windows.  They too have stepped up!

On Friday we moved into our new new home, which consists of three little offices and a foyer area.  It is a little nook, hidden away from the rest of the offices on our floor.  Near two of the big meeting rooms, it’s been extensively renovated in recent times and compared to some parts of the building is white walled and modern in its aesthetic – Yes, this is actually a big deal, which those who have experienced older, out dated buildings would attest!

Featuring clean walls, high ceilings and big-paned windows with lots of natural sunlight, we have hit the office lottery as far as I’m concerned! No more pale mushroom coloured, chipped and hole filled walls, ancient old sash windows or hideous striped curtains for me!

Instead, I now get this:


And to celebrate and shift my headspace into seeing this whole change as a positive experience, I went to the local plant nursery as well as to KMart over the weekend and splurged on a few decorative things to spruce the office up (and no, unfortunately KMart did not sponsor this post so items were paid for by me and these words and opinions are mine all mine!).

Whilst there though, I bought my two new colleagues a brightly coloured pot each to welcome them to building and then tempted fate by treating myself to two plants which I shall endeavour to keep alive – wish me luck!

Here’s how it finished up!

PicMonkey Collage

Above: Featuring my new watermelon coloured pot with an Alpinia Zerumbet Variegata which the guy at the nursery assured me was extremely drought and air conditioning tolerant. My colleagues received the aqua and yellow pots with the middle plant already owned by one and I bought the bromeliad for the other.  Pots were only $6 each!


Above: My favourite succulent Aeomium in it’s new little pot bag and the little orange and black polka dotted pot bag with the air conditioner remote and some hand cream – not bad for $3 a bag to brighten up the office.


Above: Yep, these are fake. But cute! And only $5 each!


Above: My new motto – Be happy everyday! And costing only $12, I was happy indeed!


Above: Corkboard and whiteboard! Totaling $20, these boards are functional and brighten up the walls (well, they will when I add more pics to them!)

What do you think? Happy, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you like to decorate your office space to make it feel more cheery or personalised? How great are some of the homewares at KMart (Australia) at the moment!?


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