Oh, to be 18 again

Tonight was spent celebrating the 18th birthday of one of Mrs Mone’s sons. And also of realising that my 18th birthday was 20 years ago!!! Yes, 20 whole years ago. OMG! Where on earth has that time gone?

I remember my 18th like it was yesterday.  With a birthday in March, I was one of the first of my friends to hit the magic milestone first. It also meant there weren’t too many people who could legitimately hit the clubs with me that night! My dad threw me a party and our backyard was filled with friends from school.  I’d come home from Uni in Brisbane and was rocking my ‘Rachel’ haircut which made me look more like Ginger Spice than it did Jennifer Aniston.

And given it was well before Facebook, I don’t even have any pics at hand to show you.  Coz you know, they’re real old fashioned photographs stuffed into a storage tub in things called photo albums!

But it’s nice to sit back and ponder the year I spent as an 18 year old.  It all seems so long ago and yet I can remember it like yesterday!

Do you recall your 18th birthday? Did you have a big party to celebrate or do something more sedate?


One thought on “Oh, to be 18 again

  1. Mrs Benno

    Vividly! A family party at home followed by my first legal night out with girlfriends. I wore a white (in hindsight too short & too see through) skirt, black boots and a black top. Strutting my stuff like an 18 year old does through Crown I completely missed the slippery when wet sign and you can fill in the blank. Totally mortifying!


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