Too close for comfort

I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched the footage of Aussie surfing champion Mick Fanning take on a great white shark today… and win!  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the first minute of this video below:

Can you even believe that!? This footage was being beamed live from Jeffrey Bay (or J-Bay as it’s known) in South Africa.  Beamed live and into the living rooms of people across the globe, including his poor terrified mother who was watching it as it unfolded.  That poor poor woman!  My heart was in my throat just seeing this footage on social media this morning, and other than being aware of his status in the surfing world, have no other connection or affiliation with the man.  But I’m so glad he is safe and on dry land to tell his tale.

I had to share that story with you today, because there were only two other things that were playing throughout my mind until this point.  The first being the protracted crossroads/work drama which I’m pretty sure I’m sick to death of reading about, let alone anyone else. And secondly this horrific news story on 60 minutes last night detailing the disgusting, traumatising and unbelievable story about a paedophile ring operating out of the UK’s parliamentary system in the 1970s.  Seriously, it’s an amazingly tragic story which had me in tears pretty much within the first minute as it really just defied all understanding and comprehension. I can’t even fathom what goes through the heads of some people.  Especially this creepster who needs a lobotomy or castration… or both. Seriously, WTF!

So I’m not going to bring you down with that story tonight (unless you choose to watch it), but rather I choose to celebrate a story of hope and bloody good luck as a great white and mere human man come head to head.

Have you see the footage of Mick Fanning’s escape from a great white? Does it make you fearful of taking a dip in the ocean?


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