Poker face

Most people who know me would without a doubt describe me as a straight shooter.  I’m pretty upfront with what I say and whilst I consider my audience and temper my opinion, I’m not backwards in coming forward with my perspective or point of view.  I’ve got a very healthy dose of confidence and believe that provided I’m respectful that being upfront with an opinion is better than sitting on it and lamenting the issue later, or worse fostering resentment or contempt because something wasn’t raised or dealt with.

So it’s not surprising that over the years I’ve never really had to develop a strong poker face. There’s never been any need to. As a result, my poker face is renown for the fact that it is, well, non-existent!

Which is fine, most of the time but tomorrow I’m going to need my poker face like never before.  Because all the unrest and uncertainty will come to a head tomorrow.

So I’m off to practice in the mirror.


How is your poker face?  Are you able mask your feelings and thoughts in situations when you know you need to keep them in check?


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