Friday’s are generally a great day in our household.  It’s my day off and the chance to catch up with my girls.  But I have not looked forward to a Friday the way I have this week for a very long time. It’s been a long rough week.  But today that was all put aside.

Today we have painted, eaten cupcakes, caught up with a friend for coffee, eaten muffins, watched Mary Poppins and enjoyed a fabulous day together.  Now, I have a house to clean and day to plan for tomorrow to try and make the impossible happen. Miss A’s first birthday party on Sunday! My day is shaping up as follows:

6am Clean house
9am Swimming lessons
10.30am Groceries and last minute errands
12noon Lunch
1pm Start baking the cake
4pm Go to a first birthday party
7pm Dinner
8pm Finish cake, finish other little bits and pieces and clean house

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep in there!

Anyway, I shall see you on the flip side.

Are you in party mode this weekend? Will you be baking treats (and a cake!!!) too?


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